Hey everyone, my name is Earl and welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog about my kids! Today I wanted to change gears slightly (ha-ha) and talk about electric cars. And no I am not talking about your rich neighbours new Tesla, I am talking about the little cars that we get for our kids to drive around in. I use to have one as a kid, and it seems life if coming full circle as my little nephew now has his own Beamer electric car that I saw him driving around the neighbourhood. The kid has good taste in cars; must take after his Uncle. 


When me and my wife were talking about getting these cars for our kids, the biggest concern she had was “how safe are these things? They look like deathtraps!” and I mean, some of them do look a little crazy. But the engines are likewise tiny, and usually incapable of going more than 5 kilometers an hour. We used to drive around in the little jeep in the Winter, meaning that all of that winter clothing added a great layer of protection in case you flipped the jeep (which happened a couple time). 


We had one of these electric kid buggies when living on a farm, meaning that it actually made our lives a little bit easier. We could load up the bucket full of water and sandwiches, drive out to the field and have a picnic then drive back; all without worry of running out of fuel or something breaking. Of course, we did have to be a bit more careful around the cows as there is no way you are going to outrun them in these things. If you have been looking at getting an electric or remote controlled car for your children, stop thinking about it and just get it.

 Electric Car for Kids