Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first post on my brand new hobbies and leisure blog. I am a father to three lovely young kids and I love spending all of my free time to make their lives better. They are all in cub scouts with me as their amazing troupe leader, and I try to lead as many kids sports groups around here as I can (no one else will do it!). I am just waiting for when the kids get a bit older and I can start introducing them to my favourite hobbies and pastimes, like video games and whittling. 

Make sure that you click that book or star button in your browser so that you can come back every week to see my latest post. I will be going over things like how to build playsets and other things for the kids, beginner sports equipment and training, and if my wife lets me I will hopefully be able to talk about the benefits of educational video games. There might even be some random posts about hobbies for adults, we get bored every now and then as well. Hope to see you all again soon.