Hey everyone, its me back again! Hope you all got to know me in my intro post. I actually got the go ahead from my wife to talk about the video games that the kids play together. Of course they spend lots of time on there phones and tablets playing stupid little games, but I try and get them to play something that it good for them. I played educational games all the time when I was younger, and they helped me not only in learning about computers but with lots of elementary knowledge. Here are some games to get your kids playing that are actually good for them. 

Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii came out in 2008 and since then holds the record for the highest selling game console worldwide, and for good reason. The Wii is now seen all over; in nursing homes, hospitals, play schools and even dental offices. Seeing as the console shipped with Wii Sports, that too became one of the highest selling games ever and that it a great game for kids to play. As long as you make sure that the kids are going to be playing games safely (wrist bands attached securely, enough space in the room for all players to move around). 

Reader Rabbit

I spent so, so much time playing Reader Rabbit games on the computer when I was younger. My mom would buy me the next one every year (and if I was really smart that year the one for the year after) and I would just play it for ever. These games taught not only reading, but math, logic skills, and of course hand eye co-ordination. A great way to teach your kids about the computer, and the early games start as young as 3 years.

 Kids playing Wii